Killing Them Softly

Ear shoots at Bagpiper

The angry ear didn’t want to resort to unheard of violence, but the nonstop assault from the rude bagpiper finally drove him bonkers. He had to visit thirteen gun shops before a deaf owner finally approved his purchase.

Space X

Some say the Space X launches may be thwarted by an outside force. Only the great Helper in the Sky knows for sure.

Balloon Parade

Balloon lady in Parade

The bald Miss Julie leads the Lompoc Balloon Parade with her usual bouquet of balloons and her long trail of leaking goldfish. Apparently, elephants do not adore goldfish.

Make America Grate

Woman climbs cheese grater

A former professional rock climber tries something different in her quest to discover a New America. Unfortunately, she nicks her wrist on a sharp edge after being startled by a large rodent.

Meat Angel Rising


This farewell to the Sunday Meat Angel is an honored tradition on this particular planet, but nobody can seem to remember why.

Funny Story


It’s a mystery as to what finally pushed Gary over the edge. Somebody said it’s probably a funny story. But I doubt that.